The Social Benefits of a Youth Football Cup

One idea that has been proposed to improve the society around us, is to organize sports tournaments at the youth level, in particularly a youth football cup.

Anyone describing the youth in any developed country, be it America, be it the United Kingdom, be it Australia, be it Canada, or any other country, tends to use negative terms. They describe the youth as undisciplined, criminals, delinquents, among many other unpleasant terms. Yet no one thinks about how the youth may be channeled into activities that will use their energy in a positive manner. One such way could be through sport.

There is a considerable amount of research to prove that sports can have a positive influence on the youth of today. Sandy Brown, who now works as a football coach at a detention facility once mentioned how he always used to get in trouble during his own time at high school until his football coach and school principal took him in hand and channeled his energy towards sports.

The positive change this brought in him motivated him to doing the same for other children who were going through the same issues at school, and hence the idea of a youth football cup was born. Through his job Brown studied how football tournaments are necessary to foster a sense of discipline in the youth, keep them occupied and hence divert their minds from activities that might be harmful to them or to society in general.

But this is an extreme example of bad guys being reformed. Being involved in sports from a young age can have a very wholesome effect on one’s personality even if they are not delinquents. It is through sports that children learn the value of teamwork and fair play values that are best instilled when the mind is still impressionable, and which will serve them well in the long run.

Organizing tournaments like a youth football cup will also bring teams from different backgrounds and different walks of life together, helping young children learn how to respect others regardless of where they are coming from. Interacting with teams from different states, even from different countries, can open up minds and teach youngsters to be accepting of diversity, again a value that will serve them well for the rest of their life.

Even in the same team, no one is black or white, rich or poor, everyone is part of a team that works together to achieve a common goal. The spirit of acceptance, and the adrenaline rush that is developed after a good game, makes for happier and well rounded youth, who in turn will contribute positively to the society they are a part of.

One final factor in favor of a youth football cup is the desire to win that it instills in players. The goal of any team is to win matches and bring good results. Players learn the importance of winning and focus their efforts to achieve that goal. Yet they also learn that defeat is also inevitable at some point, but it is through sport that they will learn how to stand back up after a fall in order to be able to win again.

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